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Soul-Based Astrology: The Online Courses

Here is what one of my students said after watching the Basics course:"I am absolutely in love with your classes! Finished them all! Would love to continue...and do the whole curriculum..." -- Helena S.

All Soul-Based Astrology Course recordings include video, a whiteboard, hand outs, home assignments and email access for questions! 

Here is what one of my students said about the Basics course:"I very much enjoyed the in depth chart analysis with each student - having a visual and then your pinpointing everything you have been talking about in the previous classes was a great help. I also really enjoyed the soul-based philosophical concepts you mentioned , like by embracing all of who you are energetically, you can make this life count. I really enjoy the broader ideas of the purpose of soul-based astrology interspersed with the details of chart analysis. Thank you again -- and I look forward to the next courses!"  -- Mary R.

How to Read Your Birth Chart
This is a class on how you can personalize the info in my videos and weekly forecasts and relate it to your own birth chart. The class runs for 30 minutes, followed by a Q&A -----------------------------------------------------------Available to watch as a recording at: (copy and paste) or go to my Astrology Forecasts page and look for my Astrology videos.
Price: FREE
Jupiter in Scorpio until Nov 2018
Watch this 90 plus minute webinar to see how Jupiter's journey through Scorpio is going to impact you over the next 12 months. Jupiter has a 12-year cycle, so the last time it traveled through this transformative sign was from Oct. 2005 to Nov. 2006; the time before that was Nov. 1993 to Dec. 1994. Think back to those times... what possibilities or opportunities arose for you? In what ways did you grow or expand? What felt like a birth or a new beginning at that time? How could you take all of that to the next level?
Price: $24.00
Intro to Soul-Based Astrology
This gives you a solid understanding of Soul-Based Astrology: what it's all about, how it differs from other Astrology teachings, how it can change your life. There is also a Q&A at the end of this class. Feel free to ask questions via email if you are watching this as a recording -- if it is something more involved for me to answer, I will schedule a one-on-one tutoring session with you via skype or phone.
Price: $25.00 $7.00
Chiron -- Healing with Astrology
Listen to the recording of this 90-minute lecture about Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Where and how have you experienced wounding in your life? How can you heal and see the gift of that wound? Find answers to these questions and have a better understanding of your personal healing journey. This mp3-recording includes many valuable hand outs and you will get a chance to do hands-on work with your own birth chart.
Price: $30.00 $15.00
Soul-Based Astrology: The Basics
Our last Basics Course is now available as a video/audio recording. Know thyself... through the Birth chart. This course consists of 6 classes and covers the basics of Soul-Based Astrology. You will emerge able to read your birth chart -- and to help yourself and others find their Soul's Purpose in it.
Price: $245.00 $122.00
Soul-Based Astrology: Beyond the Basics
Our last Beyond the Basics Course is now available as a video/audio recording. Know your Soul's journey and your Soul Purpose... And live it! This course consists of 4 classes and you will venture into a deeper understanding of your Soul's Journey, taking in the Outer Planets and Moon Nodes.
Price: $210.00 $105.00
Solidification Training
Our last Solidification Training is now available as a video/audio recording. We practice hands on, everything that we have learned so far -- in “The Basics” course and the “Beyond the Basics” course. We look in more detail at actual charts. This training consists of 4 classes and it covers how you best approach reading a birth chart. What is essential and what isn’t?
Price: $192.00 $96.00
The Advanced Soul's Journey
Our last Advanced Soul's Journey is now available as a video/audio recording. By definition, the Soul's Journey is ever-unfolding, ever-changing. This course consists of 6 classes and we take a closer look at Progressions and Transits, to see how they affect our Natal chart. This helps us live full-out, consciously evolving as we go.
Price: $352.00 $176.00
Master Class
Our last Master Class is now available as a video/audio recording. In this course we practice hands on, everything that we have learned in all the previous courses, including the Advanced Soul's Journey. We will look in more detail at actual charts. This Training consists of 5 classes and covers how you best approach reading a chart with its transits and progressions.
Price: $245.00 $122.00
Curriculum of Soul-Based Astrology Recordings
This Package deal includes all 5 course recordings of Soul-Based Astrology (25 classes in total): The Basics Course ----------- The Beyond the Basics course ------------------ The Solidification Training ------------------------ The Advanced Course ----------------------------- The Master Class ----------------------------------- If you are especially passionate about Astrology and want to jump right in and do all my 5 courses that are part of the Soul-Based Astrology Curriculum, this is your chance to get a great deal. Read below for a more detailed description for each of the courses.
Price: $1,200.00 $598.00

Testimonial: "I really had a great time learning about the basics of astrology through the course and our one-on-one tutoring session. It felt very relevant, empowering and the information I received was so rich. Thank you!" -- Agnes F.

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