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Astrology Forecasts by Astrologer Coach: Sonja Francis

September 2011

What is this "Moon void of course" -energy?

As the Moon moves through the sky it transits through each zodiac sign in turn, changing signs every two and a half days. Within each sign, it makes various aspects to other planets and celestial bodies; at a certain point, it will make the last aspect in that particular sign. You can think of aspects as being a relationship between two energies; until the Moon enters the next sign it is not connected to any other energies.
Astrologers refer to this as a "Void of Course (VoC) Moon".

Inner Power and Centeredness

The Moon moved into curious, mind-oriented Gemini earlier in the am EDT making a supportive aspect to Venus in the middle of the day. Relationship and money-issues feel taken care of, at least for now.

However towards the end of the day EDT Venus will make its way to form a challenging aspect with Pluto, which will most likely remind us that we need to step up and be aware of what we came here to do. We need to grow, and our relationships need to reflect, or be a part of that growing, otherwise we need to leave them behind.

Pluto Station: Transformation Ahead

A Pluto station takes longer than any other planetary station, because it moves so slowly -- and it’s intense.

For a few weeks, after a Pluto retrograde phase, as Pluto starts moving forward again, its teachings will reveal themselves. It is just about impossible to understand what is taking place when you’re inside a Pluto turnaround. There is no way to grasp the immensity of such a tremendous event until you’re past it. With Pluto is making a challenging aspect to Uranus these days, this ups the ante; we are experiencing some very powerful internal changes.