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Soul-Based Astrology: The Online Courses

Here is what one of my students said after watching the Basics course:"I am absolutely in love with your classes! Finished them all! Would love to continue...and do the whole curriculum..." -- Helena S.

All online Soul-Based Astrology Courses include video, a whiteboard, hand outs, home assignments and email access for questions! 

Here is what one of my students said about the Basics course:"I very much enjoyed the in depth chart analysis with each student - having a visual and then your pinpointing everything you have been talking about in the previous classes was a great help. I also really enjoyed the soul-based philosophical concepts you mentioned , like by embracing all of who you are energetically, you can make this life count. I really enjoy the broader ideas of the purpose of soul-based astrology interspersed with the details of chart analysis. Thank you again -- and I look forward to the next courses!"  -- Mary R.

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Testimonial: "I really had a great time learning about the basics of astrology through the course and our one-on-one tutoring session. It felt very relevant, empowering and the information I received was so rich. Thank you!" -- Agnes F.

Small print: Pre-paid courses are non-refundable -- If questions come up, feel free to reach out. If I can answer your questions via email, I will. If it is something a little more involved, I will ask you to schedule a 25 or 60-minute One-on-One Tutoring session with me. Tutoring sessions can be purchased on my Services page