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Astrology Forecasts by Astrologer Coach: Sonja Francis

Exalted Energies -- Astrology Forecast for Mon., June 15th - Sun., June 21st, 2015

Please note that all times given below are Eastern Daylight Saving Time -- to change the listed times to your own timezone, I recommend clicking here for the time and date converter

Last week had lots of turbulence… It definitely called for lots of rethinking, re-organizing -- and at the same time, allowing and being in the flow of things… No wonder, with both Mercury and Neptune stationing (and therefore exalted). Mercury went direct on Thursday evening and things started to untangle themselves a little. At week’s end though, the Chiron station brought up insecurities, and a sense of woundedness… I thank the Universe for the Neptune station: it was very helpful to grant myself some compassion, and simply allow myself to “be with what is, as it is”.

This week's headline items: the New Moon in Gemini becomes exact on Tuesday late morning; the Chiron station intensifies on Wednesday evening; Mercury's station ends on Thursday evening; on Saturday, the Sun squares the Solar Eclipse degree (from March 20th). On Sunday afternoon, we can start taking actions on our New Moon intentions, and the Sun also changes signs from Gemini to Cancer — (this is also the beginning of summer).

There will also be three Moon VoC phases this week: Tuesday late morning (for 9 hours), Friday very early morning (for half an hour), and Sunday early afternoon (for 50 minutes).

Monday: the Moon remains in chatty, versatile Gemini. It will journey there until Tuesday evening. The Gemini Moon keeps us social and busy. Interactions may take place online, on the phone, or face-to-face with those in our immediate environment. With this Moon placement, we like to multitask and stay engaged with life as much as possible: As long as we don't get bored, we're good.

Monday finds three planets moving at a slower pace through the zodiac: -- and therefore, with their energies exalted: 

First, we have Mercury (communication, learning, sharing). It ended it’s retrograde phase last Thursday and is moving forward again. That said, it will not resume its regular speed until Thursday evening (more on that later this week).

Next: Neptune (universal love, inspiration, dreams). Neptune started it’s 5-month retrograde phase last Friday; it will get back to it’s regular speed next week, on June 26th

Finally: Chiron (the wounded healer -- healing through compassion and understanding). Chiron started to slow down last Friday — it starts a 5-month retrograde phase next week (June 24th), and won't get back to its regular speed until July 5th (more about that in Wednesday’s entry).

Signs most affected by these stations: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius.

As Monday is also the last day before the New Moon becomes exact, this is a great day to let go of what no longer serves us. As best as you can, avoid jumping the gun: Rather than launching into brand-new endeavors or connections, wait until a couple of days have passed after the New Moon. 

Some of us might feel a little anxious or nervous today: As best as you can, get quiet and go within… Listen to the silence between the sounds… Find peace in the connection with your innermost and truest Self.

Tuesday is one of those really big days!

Tuesday at 10:05am EDT, the Moon aligns with the Sun in 25 degrees of Gemini. This is the beginning of a new Moon cycle. With the New Moon in curious, quick-witted, chatty, versatile Gemini, we are asked to connect to others and share our little hearts out for this New Moon cycle :-)

This is a busy energy, focused on communicating and collecting information: We are invited to look at our mental programming and conditioned mind. What needs to go? If thoughts were like a building, what new thought structures would we want to build? For a more detailed understanding watch my New Moon video on the subject.

Gemini is asking us to stay in motion. It’s asking that we think through what we’ll need to know, if we are to move forward, share ourselves, and connect with others. Here are some questions you can ask yourself for this New Moon: Who’s on either side of my "inner dialog"? What thoughts and mental processes do I stick with, that don't serve my development?

The spiritual goal of Gemini is the development of perception, thought, and communication. New connections are created in the brain with each new thought or memory; the more we think a particular thought, the “deeper" the pathways become. 

Mercury is direct again. This helps us implement realizations from the past three weeks, about ourselves, our environment, and our habits and thought patterns. 

Another thing to note about Mercury: It is in 5 degrees of Gemini at the time of the New Moon, still squaring Neptune in Pisces. Just like the Full Moon from two week’s ago, this is asking us to stretch and grow -- to make necessary adjustments to patterns of thought and communication -- a good dose of compassion for ourselves and others will help us with this. 

We may also want to consider that each thought we have creates a wave -- a vibration that other receive and pick up on. If someone is in tune with their intuition, they will pick up on it more easily; others will feel it on an unconscious level. What if the thought you are thinking right now is experienced by everyone around you?

Mars aligns with this month’s New Moon in Gemini. This shows us how ready we are for a new image and expression of our "inner warrior”. We need to examine how this energy is serving us internally and in the outer world. Whether for a man or a woman, imagine a masculine side that has matured into a “spiritual warrior” -- focused on the inner journey, dedicated to self-mastery through victory over ignorance, fear and illusions. What would be possible with an army of these “warriors”?

Chiron (the wounded Healer) is exalted at the time of this New Moon, as it is getting ready to go retrograde on June 24th. It squares Mars & the New Moon, challenging us to heal the wounds of the past, particularly those connected to the masculine energies. Both genders are being invited to take a good look at the damaging actions and attitudes of the past -- men have had to shut down their hearts and deny their sensitivity; women have either given up their power and become submissive, or have “joined” the men who locked away their hearts.

When we deal with issues from anger, rather than love, we are not serving ourselves or the collective. We are at a turning point; we realize more and more, that humanity’s evolution and survival requires actions and attitudes that come from an open heart -- and the willingness to make and allow mistakes. 

As we heal ourselves, we heal the collective; as we embrace our inner tyrant and victim, we recover our heart and our birthright: We are as we have always been... whole, perfect and complete.

Saturn reentered Scorpio on June 14th; it’s now in 29 degrees of Scorpio, which gives us the opportunity to recognize and confront any remaining fears and unconscious patterns that have held us back. What did you learn about yourself between Oct.2012 - Dec. 2014? What pulled at your attention during that time? What fears or habits did you release? Is there any residue?

This New Moon also makes a beautiful trine to the North Node in Libra, bringing a lovely flow to social interactions and making it easier to move forward on our Soul’s Journey -- we feel supported and heard. 

To sum it all up: This New Moon is an opportunity to go beyond past limits and experiment with new ways of "thinking about our mind”. Where has your mind been serving you? Where has it not been completely helpful? Where does it fit on the road ahead? 

Some more questions you can ask yourself: How do I want to use this very powerful tool? Am I my mind... or am I more than that? Am I the thinker, or am I aware of thinking happening? It’s important to really check when asking these questions -- look at your direct experience, rather than received ideas.

Do you have your Ascendant (or any personal planets) in one of the following placements: 23-27 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces? If so, you may feel the effects of this New Moon more strongly.

The New Moon is also the best time to set some powerful intentions for this month's Moon cycle. This is best done soon after the New Moon becomes exact -- and definitely not during a Moon void of course phase. The first 48 hours after the time of the New Moon are the most potent to write down intentions for the next 28 days — so this month, the best and most potent time to set your intentionswill be any time between 6:51pm Tuesday evening and 10:05am EDT on Thursday late morning. 

Right when the New Moon becomes exact, we enter a 17-hour Moon void of course (VoC) which lasts until 6:51pm EDT. Use this intuitive time to be still. Connect to your body's wisdom -- pamper yourself and others. As best as you can, try to find new perspectives in regards to what you need most in order to feel nourished and nurtured. As always during VoC, take it easy -- go with the flow.

Tuesday at 6:51pm EDT, the Moon moves into protective, introverted Cancer, where it will journey until Friday very early morning. With this Moon placement, we are more sensitive to what people say to (and about) us, so be kind to yourself and others. 

Emotional safety is important to us at this time: We like connecting to the familiar, home or family becomes our sanctuary. Nurture yourself and others, but remember: Make sure your glass is filled before letting others drink from it — otherwise we might start resenting others for draining our energies. 

Wednesday: the Moon remains in protective, introverted Cancer all day (see Tuesday evening for details).

Wednesday evening, the Chiron station intensifies, as Chiron comes to a halt next week, Wednesday (June 24th); we will feel effects of the station until July 5th. As mentioned in Monday’s forecast already, Chiron's energies are more exalted during this period. 

Chiron is the wounded healer; in Pisces, our attention is guided towards our emotional and spiritual wounds. Chiron represents our inner insecurities, those self-conscious and wounded places. Chiron also represents the inner wound of abandonment and our need to "make it on our own". 

We are invited to approach these wounds on a holistic level, to heal them such that others are healed thereby. This is accomplished very simply and naturally when we work with the true beauty and strength of this energy: Compassion. Having compassion for our own wounds heals them and allows healing compassion for the wounds we now see in others. 

What emotional or spiritual sore spots could you acknowledge? What needs to heal? At a different level, this time might also see an increased emphasis on water as a global and environmental issue.

Those of us with personal planets and points (ASC. or MC) in 20-23 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel this station more strongly.

Thursday: theMoon remainsinprotective, introverted Cancer all day (see Tuesday evening for details).

Thursday: Mercury ends its station and gets back to its normal pace through the sky. We have a chance to implement everything we thought about during the retrograde phase and move forward with any thinking and/or communication issues that came up.

Friday at 1:52am EDT, we enter a half hour Moon void of course (VoC) that last until 2:23am EDT.Use this intuitive time to take a  break that nurtures you (and your loved ones). Focusing on deeper emotional commitments is easier. As always during VoC, take it easy -- go with the flow.

Friday at 2:23am EDT, the Moon moves into fun and attention-loving Leo, where it will journey until Sunday afternoon. We have a chance to appreciate ourselves and our lives -- and to connect to the heart. Hand out as many compliments as possible, they will be deeply appreciated :-)  

Fun, games and romance are a big part of this energy. You might also enjoy spending time with little ones. What are you most grateful for today? What would be heaps of fun? What would be so much fun, you squeak just thinking about it? 

Saturday: the Moon remains in fun and attention-loving Leo all day (see Friday very early morning for details).

Saturday starts out with lots of opportunities to get things done and move exciting projects forward -- but by the early afternoon, we begin to feel uneasy. We need to develop inner awareness around our sensitivities and bring compassion to them. In the afternoon and early evening, we have an opportunity to communicate our heart’s desire, and connect with others from the heart.

Towards the later evening, we are also being asked to bring some awareness to whatever it is we feel most passionate about -- as in the early afternoon, we feel an internal unease. Are we after laughter and joy? Or intense and authentic emotion? As best as you can, make adjustments as needed, and drop any self-judgment. 

Also on Saturday: the Sun squares the Solar Eclipse degree (from March 20th), providing another cosmic nudge forward. What intentions did you set at the time of the Solar Eclipse in March? What would move you forward on those intentions at this time?

Sunday: the Moon remains in fun and attention-loving Leo until 12:59pm EDT (see Friday very early morning for details).

Sunday afternoon at 12:09pm EDT, we enter a 50-minute Moon void of course (VoC) that ends at 1pm EDT. Use this intuitive time to make some adjustments and (as best as you can) find creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable situations. Fun or Business? Follow your bliss or long-term goals? Maybe there’s some way to turn “or” into “and” ;-) 

Focus on your deepest commitments -- and give your “inner child” a play-date. As best as you can, make adjustments as needed, and do your best not to judge yourself. If at all possible though, don't actually start anything brand-new -- and when in doubt, simply go with the flow.

Sunday at 12:38pm EDT, the Sun changes signs from busy, versatile Gemini to protective, sensitive Cancer. This also represents the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. The Solstices are important turning points twice a year, as they are energetic gateways for the summer or winter season to come through. 
The Sun will journey through the sign of Cancer until July 22nd. When the Sun is in Cancer, we look for quality and safety in terms of what we want to create, and what we want to surround ourselves with. We experience life on a deeper, more instinctive level now. 

We have less interest in what is universal, and more interest in what affects us personally (and what affects the people we care for and love). Our being is colored by our emotions, so it might be more challenging to be objective. Family, home and our inner world becomes our focus for the next 30 days.

All this is especially true if you are a Leo or Cancer Sun-sign or Rising-sign. As a Cancer, you will feel a good dose of confidence and playfulness in the next four weeks; as a Leo your energy will move more inwards, focusing on family or your home.

Sunday at 1pm EDT, the Moon moves into detail-oriented, practical Virgo, where it will journey until Wednesday early morning. This turns our focus toward practical activities. Solving problems, making order out of confusion, helping others: all bring emotional satisfaction. 

Health might come into focus. We notice the parts that make up the whole; this is a great time to see if our daily routines (eating, work, self-care, etc.), align with our long-term goals.

Sunday afternoon: If you set intentions on Tuesday evening or Wednesday, after the New Moon became exact, Sunday after 1pm EDT is the best time to take relevant actions. If you wrote your intentions down, go back and take another look at what came through intuitively. If you didn’t write anything down, get quiet for a moment and check in with yourself: What actions are calling to you?

A head's up for next Monday: the Moon remains in detail-oriented, practical Virgo all day (see Sunday afternoon for details), along-term harmonious Jupiter/Uranus aspect becomes exact, for the second time this year, at 9:46am EDT. We started to feel this aspect from June 1st on; it will be strong until July 10th ….more about all the details in next week’s forecast ;-) 

Have a fantastic week!  
Many blessings,

PS: Feel free to go to my Facebook Fan page for my daily forecasts ;-) To apply my forecasts and videos to your own birth chart, watch my 30-minute class on: "How to Read Your Birth Chart" 

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