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Astrology Forecasts by Astrologer Coach: Sonja Francis

Forward Momentum -- Astrology Forecast for Mon., Nov. 7th - Sun., Nov. 13th, 2016

Please note that all times given below are Eastern Standard Time -- to change the listed times to your own timezone, I recommend clicking here for the time and date converter

Last week was intense. Feelings just kept coming up, as if they needed to catch some fresh air. Seeing my own patterns, taking responsibility for how they play out and what I do with that, was not easy... but definitely necessary. Most of all though, I needed to bring compassion to my thinking, shifting my perspective from defending and judging to loving and understanding. 

Neptune was definitely opposing thedegree of Sept.1st’s Solar Eclipse last week...and of course that New Moon in Scorpio was undeniably playing a part in this as well.

For those of you who want to have a better understanding of your personal healing journey, feel free to get the recording of my recent Chiron-workshop: "Healing with Astrology" Click here for more info

This week's headline items: Many personal planets change signs this week: Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on Tuesday night/Wednesday very early morning; Venus (from Sagittarius to Capricorn) on Friday late evening; Mercury (Scorpio to Sagittarius) on Saturday morning. 

We also have the first Quarter Moon in Aquarius on Monday afternoon; Neptune's Station intensifies on Saturday; finally, although the Jupiter/Pluto square won't be exact until Nov.24th, we will definitely feel it this week and into next week (I will preview it a little in Friday's entry).

There will also be three Moon VoC phases this week: Tuesday morning (for almost 8 hours), Thursday evening (for 2.5 hours), and Saturday morning (for a little over 13.5 hours). 

Monday (November 7th): the Moon remains in freedom-loving, forward-thinking Aquariusall day.It will journey there until Wednesday morning. With this Moon placement, we often feel emotionally detached; when we do connect to our feelings, it's typically from a cerebral, intellectual place. We need a cause or project that resonates -- preferably one where we can connect with like-minded people.

For the next couple of days, we'll tend to be more eccentric or experimental; future-related issues like politics or education call to us now, as do unusual or even esoteric subjects like Astrology, UFOs... indeed anything from outer space. Our scientific approach to things leans on originality and ingenuity; we definitely love being unconventional. 

The increased value we place on personal and emotional independence could make us come off as indifferent or cold in one-on-one interactions. That said, we can still be friendly and kind, provided we aren't pushed into doing something conventional or unethical.This Moon placement starts the build up towards the first Quarter Moon (exact on Monday afternoon). 

Sunday night/Monday very early morning, a somewhat challenging Mercury/Uranus aspect becomes exact at 12:11am EST. We started to feel this aspect from Sunday on; it will be strong until Monday night. This aspect also operates more on an internal level. We feel uneasy about something, almost awkward -- and we need to make a choice. An inner awareness needs to be developed if we’re to see what needs adjusting.

It can be hard to make decisions under this influence, as we tend to doubt our perceptions, or our problem-solving ability. It may also be hard to read the intention behind the words used to communicate, leading to misunderstandings: we tend to feel uncomfortable -- a sort of "inner itchiness". 

As best you can, give yourself time to respond, allow your breath to ground you -- and empower yourself and others by coming from love rather than fear -- after all, in this moment, aren't you actually ok?

Do you have your Ascendent, Career Point (or any personal planets) in 20-23 degrees of Scorpio or Aries? If so, you will be more affected by this aspect. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius (Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo; Jupiter of Sagittarius).

Monday early morning, an opportune Sun/Pluto aspect becomes exact at 3:25am EST. We started to feel this aspect from Saturday on; it will be strong until Wednesday. This is an opportunity to bring a deeper emotional connection to whatever needs restructuring or rebuilding. 

It’s also an opportunity to notice how obsessed we’ve become about manifesting something real -- and to let go of fears connected to our long-term goals. Remember: an opportunity is not automatically given to us; we have to make something of it. 

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 13-18 degrees of Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces or Virgo? If so, you will be more aware of this opportunity. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Leo or Scorpio (the Sun rules Leo; Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio)

Monday at 2:51pm EST, the first Quarter Moon in almost 16 degrees of Aquarius becomes exact. We started to feel this aspect from the moment the Moon entered Aquarius Sunday morning. The Moon in freedom-loving, progressive, detached, objective Aquarius makes a challenging aspect to the Sun in passionate, all-or-nothing, intimacy-craving Scorpio. 

We feel compelled to take action. Last week on Oct. 31st, the New Moon in Scorpio became exact: "Seeds" planted then are probably "sprouting" by now -- and making their first real contact with the outside world. This is therefore a time to stretch and grow -- and create some forward momentum. We may feel anxious or unusually busy. 

As best as you can, go one breath at a time. Allow for changes, remain flexible (as much as possible), and find creative solutions for your day-to-day interactions with others.  

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in any of the following: 14-18 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo? If so, you will feel the effects of this first Quarter Moon more strongly than otherwise. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Leo or Cancer (the Sun rules Leo; the Moon rules Cancer).

Tuesday (Nov. 8th): the Moon remains in freedom-loving, forward-thinking Aquarius all day (see Monday for details).

Tuesday at 8:54am EST we enter a Moon void of course (VoC). that lasts for almost 8 hours, until 4:45pm EST. This is an intuitive time that presents an opportunity to connect to innovative ideas and unique world-views -- so if you can, connect with like-minded people and explore something new. 

As always with a Moon VoC, as best as you can, don't start anything brand-new, stick to routine things, or simply go with the flow. You may also want to plan your "working day" ahead of time ;-) 

Tuesday at 4:45pm EST, the Moon moves into creative, sensitive Pisces, where it will journey until Thursday evening. This Moon placement often finds us more sensitive, intuitive, idealistic and imaginative than normal. We also have a greater capacity for compassion, sympathy and affection for all -- but especially for those who suffer or can be regarded as the underdog. 

But... that very idealism could also be our downfall at this time: We tend to see the best in everyone and everything, and when reality doesn't match our idyllic vision, we might feel upset and even victimized by those harsh realities. A way out of this is to channel our idealism into spiritual or creative endeavors. 

It's also a great time for releasing fears -- especially the ones based on a sense of separation -- and experiencing "oneness". Feelings tend to flow more freely; as best as you can, let them -- in fact, "going with the flow" is the best way to go for the next couple of days. 

Wednesday (Nov. 9th): the Moon remains in creative, sensitive Pisces all day (see Tuesday afternoon for details).

Wednesday at 12:51am EST,Mars changes signs from ambitious, goal-oriented Capricorn to freedom-loving, forward-thinking Aquarius, where it will journey until Dec. 19th. During this time we enjoy surprising ourselves and others. The tried-and-true methods of getting things done are far too boring for us right now. 

We are looking for unique and original goals, and we tend to have a rather original, forward-thinking view of the world now. What if you suddenly said "surprise yourself", when you were least expecting it? ;-)

Mental and intellectual pursuits are important to us now. The Aquarian ideal of equality is strong with this position, so we also place a lot of value in freedom and individuality -- our own and that of others. With Mars in this fixed sign, we will definitely need our independence, especially in personal relationships -- and we are not easily pushed around. 

It's best to give ourselves and others lots of space; if we feel boxed in, we may rebel or act contrary. In general, we may feel a desire to push our agenda on others -- not in an aggressive way, though... more in a creative manner. 

As best as you can, bring a sense of openness to your approach to people and situations. Be aware of feeling superior to others: if you find yourself thinking that someone is less "special" than you, put your hand over your heart and ask "what would love do?"

One other thing worth mentioning: while Mars journeys through Aquarius, and Uranus through Aries, the planets are in each others sign. This is called a "mutual reception"; for the next 6 weeks, the planets support each others agenda. The last time Mars journeyed through Aquarius was in December 2014/January 2015. Think back to that time: what got initiated around then? How could you move that to the next level?  

If you have an Aries Sun-sign or Rising-sign, you are going to feel more detached, forward-thinking and freedom-loving. You may want to change things in your life that have outlived their use. If you are an Aquarius Sun-sign or Rising sign, you will feel quite energized for the next 6 weeks. Channeling this energy into physical exercise or a project might be advisable. 

Thursday (Nov. 10th): the Moon remains in creative, sensitive Pisces until 8:45pm EST (see Tuesday afternoon for details).

Thursday at 6:16pm EST, we enter a 2.5-hour Moon void of course (VoC). that lasts until 8:45pm EST. We are pulled in two quite different directions: On the one hand, a desire for silence, emotional oneness, and creativity flowing through us... And on the other, a desire for actively exploration... 

Use this intuitive time to make adjustments and find creative solutions when it comes to these energies. As always with a Moon VoC, as best as you can, don't start anything brand-new, stick to routine things, or simply go with the flow. 

Thursday at 8:45pm EST, the Moon moves into pioneering, fast-paced Aries, where it will journey until Saturday evening. Life is an adventure, we're more open to new ideas, and have great enthusiasm for new projects. Patience is certainly not our strong suit at this time, but we can decide quickly, and act immediately. 

Our independence and dynamism are important to us right now, so we may find it hard to be disciplined or accept advice at this time; in general, our responses to others tend to be more assertive or even aggressive. If you find your foot tapping, try hitting the gym, or finding other ways to burn off the body's excess energy. 

Friday (Nov. 11th):  the Moon remains in pioneering, fast-paced Aries all day (see Thursday evening for details).

Friday at 11:54pm EST,Venus changes signs from optimistic, adventurous Sagittarius to realistic, prestige-and-accomplishment-oriented CapricornVenus will be traveling through Capricorn until Dec. 7th. With this placement, our relationships tend to more practical in nature: We see people for who they are and are not afraid to lay the facts on the table; we take things more seriously. 

We take our time warming up to others, appreciate maturity in relationships, and can make long-term commitments. There is a strong focus on business relationships. Venus is also connected to finances and the things we value; it’s therefore a perfect time to get serious and make long-term plans in these areas: As best as you can, get real about what comes in and what goes out ;-)

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Taurus or Libra? If so, you will feel more serious and focused for the next 4 weeks; your heart will want to make practical, attainable plans for the future. If you are a Capricorn Sun-sign or Rising-sign, for as long as Venus is in your sign, you will attract more love, abundance and beauty into your life.

Also on Friday: the challenging Jupiter/Pluto aspect gets stronger -- though we've been feeling it since the New Moon in Scorpiowas exact back on Oct. 31st. It will be exact on Nov. 24th, but since it is such a long-term aspect, I wanted to talk a little bit about it already in today's entry. It is a closing square -- as such, it is the last portion of the Jupiter/Pluto cycle that started in 28 degrees of Sagittarius back in Dec. 2007.

With this aspect we can be quite ambitious, with the sense that if we set our sights high enough, we can achieve anything. But be aware: we may want to slow things down just a little... it is real easy right now to take on too many interests, activities, or desires. We mean well, but we are very likely to over-extend, or be overly optimistic. 

Optimistic belief (and even blind faith) in others may cause us to take unnecessary risks that are out of alignment with our deepest desires -- and therefore not empowering for everyone involved. 

That said, deep changes in our beliefs are now possible -- if we allow ourselves to let go of what's no longer working around our social structures or long-term goals. That could shift things for us both at the individual and social/collective levels. How have your beliefs shifted since 2007? Where did you have to let go of certain beliefs so you could feel more empowered? 

We are at a turning point. Empowering others is key! Notice when you try to force your beliefs on others -- indeed, when you push too hard, in general -- the more we push, the more likely it becomes that life will push back! The fact is, humor and open-mindedness work better right now, as does connecting to whatever we feel truly passionate about. 

There could be an element of disempowerment that creeps in, both with ourselves and others, so just be aware of that... It can also feel quite intense: between our long-term goals and our relationships, we could be stretched to the max. I highly recommend self-care during this time. Ask yourself: What does my "inner baby" need? How can I nurture it whilst still connecting with others or following my passions?

Saturday (Nov. 12th): the Moon remains in pioneering, fast-paced Aries until 9:24pm EST (see Thursday evening for details).

Saturday at 7:45am EST, we enter a Moon void of course (VoC). that lasts a little over 13.5 hours, until  9:24pm EST. Use this intuitive time to make connections to like-minded people that might support your projects and sentiments -- but plan it beforehand (as always with a Moon VoC, try not to start anything brand-new). If that's not possible, stick to routine things, or simply go with the flow. 

Saturday at 9:40am EST, Mercury changes signsfrom intense, passionate, all-or-nothing Scorpio to optimistic, adventurous, truth-seeking Sagittarius. Mercury will be traveling through Sagittarius until Dec. 2nd. During this time, our thinking shifts from a need to plumb the depths of any given situation, to the desire to learn about a wide range of topics. 

We seek out ideals; our thinking is more optimistic and our faith increased. We are more equipped to believe and to persuade. With Jupiter in Libra right now, we are seeking balance and win-win situations when connecting with others.

There will likely be a lot of idealistic talk, and a desire for harmony when sharing and connecting. As best as you can, listen to your thoughts, tossing the ones that are not in alignment with a balanced approach for everyone involved. Expand your thinking by tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting to a broader philosophy.

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Gemini or Virgo? If so, you will feel a greater need for expansion -- let's hope it's not your waistline that expands :-) Do you have your Ascendent or Sun-sign in Sagittarius? If so, you will most likely feel more chatty for the next 3 weeks. 

Saturday afternoon, a harmonious Sun/Chiron aspect becomes exact at 2:05pm EST. We started to feel this aspect from Wednesday on; it will be strong until Tuesday. This creates a supportive environment for healing our insecurities. 

We can bring greater awareness to our feelings of shame and any self-deprecating thoughts or behaviors. Paradoxically, we have the chance to shine, largely because we project self-respect and modesty. This is also a great time to recognize that our so-called flaws and insecurities have become some of our best assets and strengths. Where might this be true for you?

Something else that supports healing our insecurity is a sense of pursuing a worthy goal -- this could be something as simple as a desire to learn and grow -- and our goal-orientation helps us overcome any problems that arise while we're on our "mission". 

Do you have your Ascendant, Career point (or one or more personal planets) in 18-24 degrees of Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer? If so, you will be most blessed by this aspect.This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Leo (as the Sun rules Leo) 

Saturday at 9:24pm EST, the Moon movesinto steady, peaceful Taurus, where it will be until Monday evening. We love all physical comforts, prefer consistency, and would rather stick with what we know works well. In other words: change is not our favorite thing and "rushing things" goes against our grain. 

What is our favorite thing right now? It's probably, slowing down and getting in touch with whatever delights our senses ;-) This Moon placement also starts the build up towards the Full Moon/SuperMoon (exact on Monday morning)…more on that next week…

Sunday (Nov. 13th): theMoon remainsin steady, peaceful Taurus all day (see Saturday evening for details).

Sunday very early morning, a somewhat challenging Sun/Uranus aspect becomes exact at 3:38am EST. We started to feel this aspect from Friday night on; it will be strong until Sunday night. This aspect operates more on an internal level. We feel uneasy about something, almost awkward -- and we need to make a choice… so we need to develop inner awareness. 

An unexpected turn of events could leave us uneasy or unsettled. How flexible could you be, if you really tried? What needs to be shifted internally, so you can stay open and aligned with your unique, divine Self? 

Do you have your Ascendent, Career Point (or any personal planets) in 20-23 degrees of Scorpio or Aries? If so, you may be more affected by this aspect. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Aquarius or Leo (the Sun rules Leo; Uranus rules Aquarius) 

A head's up for next Monday (Nov. 14th): theMoon remainsin steady, peacefulTaurusall day (see Saturday evening for details). The Full Moon in 22 degrees of Taurus becomes exact at 8:52am EST (feel free to watch my video on the subject -- will be posted by Wednesday, Nov.9th). Also at 8:52am EST, we enter a Moon void of course (VoC). that lasts for almost 12 hours. At 8:23pm EST, the Moon moves into chatty, versatile Gemini, where it will be until Wednesday evening. More about all the details in next week’s forecast ;-) 

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Have a fantastic week! 
Many blessings,

PS: Feel free to go to my Facebook Fan page for my daily forecasts ;-) To apply my forecasts and videos to your own birth chart, watch my 30-minute class on: "How to Read Your Birth Chart"

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