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Sexually Connected -- A Radio show Interview with Sonja Francis
New Moon in Sagittarius Dec. 2018 -- Where are you headed?
12-min. Excerpt: Members-Only Full Moon in Gemini Nov-Dec. 2018
20 min. excerpt: Jupiter in Sagittarius & the Moon Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn until May 2020
New Moon in Scorpio Nov. 2018 -- Let's Empower Each Other!


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Astrology Forecasts by Astrologer Coach: Sonja Francis


Sexually Connected -- A Radio show Interview with Sonja Francis

I was interviewed last week for a Radio show, hosted by the very lovely Claudia Soul, Relationship & Intimacy Coach to the Elite, Sexologist, Author, and Radio Host of "Sexually Connected".

Questions centered around how the zodiac can influence relationships and compatibility, and particularly sexual compatibility between the signs. 

I had a great time, and after we were done, Claudia kindly told me "Sonja, brilliant show and we shall have you back!"

To become a Star or SuperStar Member, **and** get the first month for FREE, email us at: and write: "Sexually Connected" in the subject line!

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Healers Speak A Conversation with Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis

Join me for my Interview with the lovely Sylvia Anais Mouzourou about:
* Venus Stationing in Scorpio until Oct. 14th, and going retrograde on Oct. 5th
* Pluto stationing in Capricorn until Oct. 12h, and going direct on Sept. 30th

Do you have an Ascendant (or personal planets) in 8-12 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius? Do you have a Sun-sign or Rising sign in Taurus or Libra?

My next MONTHLY FORECASTING FORUM — which is a 90-minute webinar — will be on Thursday, Sept. 27th at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT/11pm BST (London-time). PLEASE NOTE that we talk about the Venus and Pluto Station phases, and the Venus Retrograde phase.

If you want to know how these planetary movements are going to impact you personally, SIGN UP to join the webinar LIVE, or register to receive an mp4/video presentation within 24 hours of the live event.

Other than booking a reading with Sonja, this is the maximum level of support she offers — and it’s now $37 for the 90+ minute webinar.

TO JOIN FOR FREE, become a Star or SuperStar Member

TO REGISTER for my Forum at a Special discount, email us at:  and write “Interview” in the subject line to receive your discount code!

To apply my forecasts and videos to your own birth chart, watch her recent class on “How to Read Your Birth Chart”, click here

To book a reading, click here.  All readings are done via skype, FaceTime, zoom or phone.

Interviewed by Alexandra from Galactic Connection about Astrology and what to expect for 2016

If you are seeing this page from a smart phone or device that doesn't support flash player, click here to watch my video directly on Youtube:

This was a very detailed and wonderful conversation with Alexandra Meadors from Galactic Connection about Astrology and what to focus on/expect for 2016 (start the video at 5:20min., that's when the interview really gets started).