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Astrologer Coach: Sonja Francis

The ancient Art of Astrology. The modern Art of Coaching

Monthly Live Forecasting Forum

In this 90-minute webinar, I'll share about what's coming up for the month, astrologically speaking.

Each month, you will get a chance to take a look at your own birth chart in relationship to the upcoming energies... you will then understand better how these energies impact you personally.

Click here to Register

Once you are fully registered, watch out for an email the day of the webinar, with a link to join, and other instructions. Again, Live attendance is not required, though always preferable. You will automatically receive the MP4 video presentation with your registration. 

Here is what Lynne said after watching the recording of our last Forecasting Forum:

"I love that Sonja works from a visual presentation and also sends out attachments as well as lets viewers know of all the places in which they can find the information and added resources. That is always such a help! What continues to strike me most when I witness Sonja in action is that she is absolutely passionate about Astrology, that she has immense knowledge on the subject, that she is just as passionate about sharing her knowledge for the benefit of others, and that she not only views Astrology through a lens of compassion but also makes that her greatest emphasis in sharing it. Sonja has such a keen ability to engage others with the material by employing her enthusiasm and personality AND by also boiling the information down through the use of analogy and personal examples through applying the info to her chart as well as those of participants. I feel that all of these things are the ingredients that make her shine and have success doing what she does."